Okay, so I know that technically the book was aimed at young adults (think 15-21yr olds) but I gotta admit that I got totally sucked in after the first chapter… 2 books later and I am now onto book 3, ‘Eclipse’… and yes of course I will go and see the movie. after all, a bittersweet, seemingly ill-fated romance story appeals to all of us, (Romeo & Juliet anyone?) no matter how young or old… thats my excuse anyway! :


on the journey…

.the.road.to...So I originally started this blog to express my thoughts, feelings, likes and dislikes all in regard to me being the dreaded, wait for it… 30 YEARS OLD. However, so far I’ve managed to avoid that topic, and as i was sitting here this evening pondering what to write about I realised that this should be about SO much more than that.

Since my birthday much earlier this year, I made some major changes to my life like selling everything I own, quitting my job of 5.5 years and moving overseas. Now for anyone who knows me, that is SO out of character! Also, after nearly 10 years of working in the not-for-profit sector, I am hoping to score a job with a major Swiss bank this week (yeah yeah, economic crisis blah blah). Is this a good change – only time will tell I guess. I find myself questioning everything I thought I knew every day and looking at life with different eyes – why am I here?

Have all these changes been prompted by my 30th? In some ways, yes I think so. I know that a lot of these things have been on my mind and heart for quite some time now but I think it took the milestone of moving into the next decade of my life to push me into making them.

So what does this mean for my future? I honestly don’t know.

my prerogative.

Shoes are every woman’s prerogative. It doesn’t matter how much you weigh, how tall or short you are. Blondes, Brunettes or Reds – shoes bring us all together. Whether we like it or not, if our worst enemy walks into the room and she’s wearing a kick ass pair we’ll be hard pressed not to admire them. I read a newspaper article this week which stated ‘Heels are in this winter, the higher the better!’ Ok, well that is nice for those that don’t walk any further than their front door to their car or post box, but what about those of us who’ll be slogging our way down Oxford Street, or to a tube station this winter? Now PLEASE don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a beautiful pair of Jimmy’s or Manolo’s as much as the next girl, but how high is too high??

Prada Catwalk 08

Prada Catwalk 08

Was the disaster on Prada’s catwalk this year not sign enough that maybe heels are starting to get just a little out of control? I certainly don’t fancy the idea of ending up A over T on the high street no matter how fashionable my footwear is!!

Celebrities like Posh certainly aren’t helping our cause either – seriously, 6 INCH heels?? I admire the woman but I’m gonna have to pass on these Marc Jacob’s babies (as gorgeous as they are!)

Alas my dignity (and budget if I’m honest) will be restricting me from such extravagances. Sure I’ll visit the stores and I’ll try the towering 4, 5 and maybe even 6″ beauties on, but this winter, I’m drawing the line at 3.

Posh In 6" Marc Jacob's Heels

Posh In Marc Jacobs

tick, tick, tick…

What is it about single women in their 30’s that freaks people out? Why are older single women considered to be ruthless career driven ‘cougars’?

Until now I had assumed that this assumption was only in regard to women, however I recently read an online article about male spinsters becoming objects of pity. Why can’t we just accept that times have changed? or have they? People are getting married later, and more and more people are not getting married at all. So then, why does my late 30’s flat mate feel pressured to resort to online dating in order to snag herself a man and silence the critics that insist ‘there must be something wrong with her’… I can safely say that the majority of the single 30 somethings I know would LOVE to rectify the ‘single situation’. Are we doomed to online dating and Second Life style worlds in order to locate our perfect man?

What changes between 29 and 30 that causes the freak out moment? The parental ‘I’m never getting grandchildren am I!?’ conversation?? That inescapable feeling that time is tick tick ticking away…?